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A knit top fits in any wardrobe, whether you're on the lookout for a warm, festive or stylish knit. VILA has a wide selection of both knit tops and tunics in all types of colours and designs. Read more

The selection consists of both tops and tunics with both short and long sleeves. You'll find everything from warm, patterned knit tops for a cosy evening in front of the fireplace to festive tunics with glitter. The collection varies in both form and expression, and you can always find a stylish and trendy knit – regardless of style and look. VILA offers tops and tunics with studs, solid colours and simple knits. If you're looking for a knit for a chilly evening, you'll find models with angora, wool and cotton. At VILA, you'll also find the perfect knit with fine details for a warm summer evening, whether it's a tight-fitting or oversize model you're looking for.