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Party dresses

If you don't have a dress for the annual party, you'll find one at VILA. The selection includes party dresses with sequins, glitter and laces. Read more

The range is a wide one and varies in both shape and look. At VILA you'll always find a party dress for the occasion, whether you're going to a summer party, a reunion party, a Christmas party, a New Year's party or a full dress party. Party dresses from VILA always follow the season's trends with respect to both colours and designs. You'll find bright, feminine, simple, patterned, pleated and sophisticated designs. If you are into tube dresses, long, short, loose-fitting, tight-fitting, long-sleeved or short-sleeved dresses, VILA offers a full range, and with the wide selection, you are guaranteed a unique dress which matches your personal style.

Party dresses

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23 available results